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Ghani Manufacture in Mangalore The Andavar Oil Ghani Machine is Indian old ancient technology, used to extract oil from oil seeds like Mustard, Sesame, Sunflower, Ground nut, coconut etc. Ghani oil is the best quality oil. Andavar ghani machine build in crushing parts of pestle and mortar rotated by Electric Motor. Ghani technology is Traditional oil extraction method widely used in india, Ladies can also operate the machine easily, Easy to assembling, low noise and No vibration. Easy maintenance, Low electricity consumption. No need skilled labours for fitting and operating, The demand of edible oil is increasing day by day, so the Oil ghani machine requirement also increased. Ghani Manufacture in Mangalore Ghani Supplier in Mangalore Ghani Dealer in Mangalore Ghani Trader in Mangalore Ghani Exporter in Mangalore
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